Trust is the cornerstone of cooperation

We connect people, places, and things through tokenization, thereby empowering individuals and institutions to do more.

Tokenization, a better way of life & business

Tokenization is the glue of the token economy. This digital economy operates using digital tokens, which enable new business models with secure and efficient ways to exchange value and track ownership.

By utilizing tokens, parties can streamline transactions, reduce costs, and increase transparency. From automated micro-payments between devices to pay-per-use models for connected devices, True I/O is the truth layer for secure and transparent exchange between parties.

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More than a line of code

True I/O is a company focused on developing the foundational elements of truth for the token economy. We believe in the transformative power of tokenization and the significant potential it holds for shaping the future of trust.

Our vision is to enable the tokenization of trillions of devices and assets, creating an ecosystem of digital trust between market participants.

We are committed to working towards a future where trust and security are the norms, enabling individuals and businesses to benefit from the vast potential of tokenization.

Our leadership team

Thomas N. Carter
Founder, CEO
Frank Corsi
Co-Founder, President
Kevin Jackson
SVP Offerings and Channels, Director
Lou Kerner
Taylor Wallace
Chief of Staff


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