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From payments to network devices to digital assets, tokenization is unlocking true peace of mind for individuals and institutions.

Our core solution: UCID

Provenance and verification for the Internet of Things and Financial Supply Chains

The Universal Communication Identifier (UCIDTM) is a blockchain-enabled, unique ID digitally stamped onto anything connected to a wireless network. IT teams can stamp and track assets across multiple networks within minutes, from digital assets to IoT devices, receiving alerts to changes or disruptions along the asset lifecycle.

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Digital Names
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Change your complex public wallet keys into a simple $DigitalName.

Wallet keys are complex and 30-50 characters long, resulting in millions of assets lost to human error. Digital Names is a single location for sending and receiving digital assets. Cumbersome  keys transform into a frictionless, human-readable name securely managed by enterprise-grade blockchain security protocols.

True I/O Labs

Our research and development team is passionate about exploring enterprise-level use cases. Whether a legacy system overhaul, data privacy solution, or tokenization initiative, we're open to exploring partnership opportunities.

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A curated NFT marketplace merging the digital and physical world. is the first NaaS (NFTs as a Service) solution for individuals and institutions. We work directly with creatives and organizations to create and showcase economically viable NFT drop strategies.