On the Brink of Unicorn: True I/0 Quickly Advancing to Pole Position in $2.7 Trillion Internet of Everything (IoE) Market.

August 22, 2023

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is an emerging technological paradigm that has the power to transform all facets of business and society completely.
In simple terms, IoE is the convergence of interconnected computing devices, user data, and identity, information, assets, currency and objects. Powered by AI and blockchain technology, IoE enables the first-ever fully autonomous markets and ecosystems.

American entrepreneur, fintech veteran, and blockchain visionary Thomas Carter has turned his modest capital markets consultancy into a powerhouse of breakthrough technology positioned to play a defining role in the emerging IoE market that is expected to reach $2.7 Trillion in size by 2028 at 16.4% CAGR.

Just off a $9M series A round, Carter’s True I/O is quickly accelerating into pre-unicorn status.

In the sunny city of Carlsbad, CA, True I/O has emerged as a rising star amidst the era-defining fusion of various disruptive technologies currently transforming the global economy, often called the 4th industrial revolution or 4IR.
Steam launched the original Industrial Revolution; electricity powered the second; preliminary automation and machinery engineered the third; and the computer/internet is currently shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Compared to the previous industrial revolutions, the Fourth is evolving exponentially and disrupting almost every industry in every country at an unprecedented scale and velocity.  
Within the larger context of 4IR, new industries are being defined, such as AI, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, IoT, 5G/6G, biotechnology, quantum computing, blockchain technology, and the internet of everything (IoE).

True I/O isn’t the typical Series A startup story. It’s the culmination of over 30 years of entrepreneurial passion, providence, and perseverance in traditional capital markets, emerging tech, and blockchain technology.
The story of True I/O began In 2016 when Thomas Carter launched Deal Box. Deal Box became a successful fintech enterprise focused on bespoke early-stage venture funding for emerging tech startups.

Fueled by Carter’s Libertarian philosophy and free market ideals (a methodology he calls, “Criterion Capitalism”) Deal Box was one of the first companies to embrace the democratizing ethos of blockchain technology and pioneered an innovative security token issuance and investment platform.

From predicting crypto’s $1T crypto market cap to being instrumental in pioneering the development of asset tokenization (converting real-world assets to digital tokens on the blockchain), Carter’s expertise and ingenuity in these areas have made him a sought-after mentor.

With over $250M in tokenized assets and hundreds of clients to date, Deal Box became a lens through which Carter began to see specific patterns emerging on the horizon,  giving rise to the vision for True I/O.

At the center of True I/Os tech stack is the Digital Name, a technology co-developed by Carter as the founder of TNS (Total Network Services).

Digital Names is a decentralized framework that leverages a blockchain-based protocol known as IPFS to replace lengthy multi-character blockchain addresses with user-friendly IDs.

Digital Names are comparable to Unstoppable Domains, if defined as just a blockchain domain name system. However,  Digital Names are much more than that, and offer vastly more real-world utility and superior interoperability.    

Use cases currently being deployed with Digital Names include NFTs, Web3 identity, Web3 social media, Metaverse assets, IoT, Web3 browser integration (coming soon), and email (coming soon).

On the evolution of True I/O into an Internet of Everything market fit - Carter says, “The success of Digital Names became the scaling engine and a connectivity layer that bridges the Web3/Metaverse ecosystem to the real world. By adding IoT tracking, spatial web, and AI, the final configuration becomes an amazingly robust and flexible substrate that IoE can flourish within.

“Technological change at this scale and magnitude is beneficial only if it is in service to liberty and the empowerment of the individual.”
What separates True I/O from other projects in this space is our championing of autonomy, privacy, decentralization, and transparency that the blockchain gives us. Technological change at this scale and magnitude is beneficial only if it is in service to the liberty and empowerment of the individual. Otherwise, it has the potential to turn the world into a digital plantation, a technocracy ruled by a handful of corporations.”  

The True I/O tech stack is rounded out with the following components:

Partnership with the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association)  in development of the UCID (Universal Communication Identifier) for IoT / supply chain tracking and security.

Rypplzz - Time-tagged geolocation data via the patented Interlife® platform.

ForwardEdge - AI-powered cybersecurity.

Since the Series A raise of $9M in March, True I/0 has been rapidly expanding the UCID framework. '

Other initiatives are also beginning to bear fruit as well. True I/O is actively engaged with government officials in Polynesia for development of a stablecoin program targeting the 10-country (ASEAN) federation. ASEAN is the world’s fifth largest economy with a roughly $3.2 trillion collective GDP. Additionally, a similar initiative and a Digital Names pilot project are being pursued in collaboration with M-PESA. M-PESA is Africa’s leading mobile money service, with more than 600k active agents operating across the DRC, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Victor Hugo once said, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. That certainly seems to be the case with True I/0.

Later this month, Carter will share his insights on blockchain technology's transformative potential at the Palau Blockchain Summit.

During his keynote address, he will discuss the critical aspects of blockchain implementation, emphasizing the importance of interoperability, simplicity, governance, compliance, and security.

About Thomas Carter

Thomas Carter is a leader and evangelist for enterprise-grade FinTech and blockchain technology adoption.

He was an early pioneer of Security Token technology and brings 30 + years of proven traditional capital markets acumen to the nascent field of tokenization.

He is the founder and Chairman of Deal Box, a capital markets consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs and investors by leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.

Carter is also the CEO of True I/O, whose mission is to help traditional financial and capital services realize the promise of transparency, universal access, and reduced costs that blockchain tech offers.

Thomas can be reached via: