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TNS Update - Pilots, Partnerships, Press

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In the last 90 days we secured our first enterprise customer for E-MEID and Digital Names, headlined Google news for 48 hours, created an NFT marketplace, and put on the first ever crypto pro skateboarding event.

The future is bright for TNS, and so is the present!

Read on to learn about what we're up to...

Forward Edge-AI <> TNS

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TNS and Forward Edge-AI have partnered to bring Gabriel® Crypto to the international marketplace. With a reported 700% increase in SMS phishing attempts in the first half of 2021 this solution comes at a perfect time.

Gabriel Crypto is a revolutionary smartphone security solution that combines Swarm Intelligence, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Tokenized Mobile Equipment Identifier (E-MEID), an Encrypted Blockchain Database, and $DigitalNames into an easy-to-use smartphone defense system.

Forward Edge-AI recently underwent an independent third-party risk management and due diligence assessment by TruSight Solution. TruSight is the best practices third-party assessment service created by leading industry participants for the collective benefit of all financial institutions, their suppliers, partners, and other third parties. Its founders include Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, American Express and BNY Mellon.

Since Forward Edge-AI's TruSight approval and its integration with E-MEID and Digital Names, it has been selected as the Solution for the United States Bureau of Census and its 500,000 employee devices. A press release regarding this announcement is slated for next week.

With the monetization model for E-MEIDs being $4-$36 per device, per year, this could be a highly lucrative deal. This is just our first customer! Not to mention the multiple E-MEID pilots we have in process currently.

E-MEID - Pilots

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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is leading the way on ICT supply chain security with the development of the first-ever global supply chain security standard, “SCS 9001”, that specifies verifiable and measurable criteria and uses a process-based quality management system to verify trusted suppliers.

TNS, as a participating member of the SCS 9001 Supply Chain Security Standard development process, was able to identify how the E-MEID could collect 5 of the 11 recommended supply chain security measurements in the upcoming standard. That is why we have extended our collaboration to include four industry partners to demonstrate how to apply the E-MEID to four specific ICT industry-relevant use cases as part of the SCS 9001 pilot program.

TNS pilot partners:

  • Nivid IT
  • Internet of things management for smart city deployments.
  • Comsovereign
  • Wireless device deployment and management across US government, military, and commercial networks.
  • EIM Sensor
  • Virtual asset management on smart televisions and other light-emitting diode (LED) displays in the Hospitality industry sector.
  • Saguna Networks
  • Edge computing solutions within the computer industry sector.

To learn more about the E-MEID pilots check out these two articles:

TNS/E-MEID - In The Press


We recently published our first major article on the topic of E-MEID and are proud to say that it spend 48 hours asthe number one top story and Google News search result. We have since received numerous emails from interested parties who read our article.

Seeing as it sat above stories such as the EU's monumental announcement of investment into blockchain, we are pleased our story resonated with the thousands who read and shared it.

Digital Names - Building Partnerships


We are pleased to announce we have established our first enterprise Digital Names customer with Gabriel via our partnership with Forward Edge. Digital Names will be integrated into the native Gabriel Crypto wallet where their users are rewarded in crypto for their gamified participation in helping identify potential phishing threats.

We have also invested significantly into our enterprise sales efforts while hiring a global sales expert who has led Digital Names into conversations with several wallets representing tens of millions of users. We are currently in talks with the world's largest crypto wallet,, who has agreed to coordinate an integration with Digital Names in Q1 of 2022. Final terms and conditions are still being worked out.

NFTys - NFT Marketplace + Clothing Brand


Over five billion dollars have been spent on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in 2021 thus far. That being said the biggest player in this space, OpenSea, does not have even 250,000 users on their platform yet.

With this rapidly growing market, and no consensus on a true industry leader, there is room for new players and new ideas on how to make NFT marketplaces accessible to the broader market.

NFTys is an NFT marketplace and streetwear clothing brand. It seeks to blend the digital and physical world and is the first NFTs as a Service (NaaS) platform. NFTys has built a team of artists and NFT experts that are currently working with influencers of all sorts to create artistically and economically viable NFT drops. will have apparel for sale on the site in the coming weeks and aims to have the marketplace live in the fourth quarter of this year.

For NFTys updates, follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Make Crypto Easy Events

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The very first Make Crypto Easy "Mega Park Experience" was a pro skateboarding competition, that featured blockchain asset education, NFT’s in virtual space, music, live art, and much more.

Hundreds of people showed up to what was the kick-off to a series of events we will host that combine the forward thinking worlds of action sports and digital assets, with a focus on making the onramp to the blockchain economy an easier and fun one.

We have since partnered with action sports athletes to bolster our marketing efforts in Digital Names and NFTys.

Fundraising Update

When TNS initially started its Series A fundraising, the round was slated to be a  $10mm raise. We were able to cut this number in half to $5mm, reducing shareholder dilution, while still achieving our goals, and then some. The same has now happened for our Series B round, except we're cutting it down to less than half of the originally proposed $25mm, to $10mm.

This was achieved by management's focus on building out our entire technology infrastructure and product development while making key partnerships. This widened the moat around our solutions while opening up a much larger distribution and created many significant recurring revenue opportunities.

We are pleased to announce that despite the longer than anticipated Series A, we were able to do more with less. As we continue to move forward with this same mentality, our aim is to create and maintain value for our shareholders first and foremost.

Your continued support is highly appreciated.

Investment Opportunity - Series B

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I'm in! Let's talk investment.


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