Three Glances Into the Future of Telecommunications Supply Chain Security

October 24, 2021

Interlife™. The Internet of Space. eSIM. MEID.

No, these are not terms plucked from a science fiction novel. Instead, they're the key concepts defining the future of security for the telecommunications supply chain. In this episode, host Kevin L. Jackson sits down with three technology pioneers, Dustin McIntire, Eric Adolphe and Joshua Pendrick, to discuss new approaches to establishing trust and provenance within a supply chain that is increasingly both digital and physical. As AI arrives at the edge, SIM cards become eSIM services, the Interlife overlays digital and physical spatial elements, and MEIDs acquire NFTs, both the private and public sector face exciting new prospects for tracking the entire lifecycle of products - with all the metadata they might need. Don't miss this chance to peek into the future of enhanced connectivity - and figure out why Burger King might just be our best philosophical guide along the way.

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