Total Network Services Partners with X Games Gold Medalist, Elliott Sloan to Host First-Ever Crypto Skateboarding Event

July 30, 2021

Total Network Services Corp. (TNS), a San Diego-based blockchain services company designed to address the current needs of the digital asset and cryptocurrency space, has joined forces with X Games gold medalist Elliott Sloan to host the first-ever crypto skateboarding event. The Mega Park Experience by Make Crypto Easy Events will take place Saturday, July 31st in Vista, CA., and is designed to bring awareness to blockchain-related assets and technologies in hopes to make blockchain an industry centerpiece.

Thomas Carter, FinTech Pioneer and CEO of TNS was inspired to create the crypto-themed event after spending decades in both action sports and fintech. “We’re excited to partner with Elliott Sloan and other pro skaters for this first-time, innovative event,” said Thomas. “Bringing together my passion for action sports and blockchain education made perfect sense and will provide our team the opportunity to connect with pro skaters and attendees to educate them about the future of blockchain – and have fun while doing so.”

The main goal of this event is to promote the user-friendly, widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. “There is currently a serious issue with inflation and centralized control in the world of finance,” said Thomas. “Cryptocurrency is a response to these problems and has gone from hardly viable and speculative in years past, to an asset class that is currently exceeding 1 Trillion U.S. Dollars in total market cap.”

The TNS and team along with Elliot Sloan, a huge advocate of crypto use, will be on-site to educate attendees about the benefits of using blockchain technology. “For me, skateboarding has always been about progression and really pushing myself to new limits. I feel it’s the same with technology,” said X Games gold medalist, Elliott Sloan. “Staying ahead of the curve and using blockchain technology as the main method of transactions in business, will better prepare me for the new digital world that’s approaching.”

Attendees will also have the opportunity to watch pro skaters compete for thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC) and experience content from the skaters and other artwork in augmented reality using the LightPlay application. Each skater will showcase their skills in various categories including vert best trick, mini-mega best trick, mini-mega big air and more. The event will also feature music, food, live art and more.