UCID, TNS' Blockchain Technology, to Help Modernize 2030 U.S. Census

July 11, 2022

San Diego, California--(Newsfile Corp. - July 8, 2022) - Total Network Services (TNS), an ecosystem of apps and technologies enabling the new blockchain economy, has announced that the United States government is implementing the Electronic Medical Mobile Application (EMMA) to modernize the filing of workers' compensation, property, and tort claims. EMMA, which was developed in collaboration with Forward Edge-AI and Rypplzz, utilizes TNS' Universal Communication Identifier (UCID), making it the largest governmental use case of blockchain technology to date.

The use of EMMA is meant to update and secure a census process that is well-known for its redundancies and inefficiencies. While the 500,000 field employees who are deployed throughout the country to collect data rely on smartphones to document and report their findings, the system is in need of streamlining.

One issue in particular has been the filing of claims by employees, who are exposed to hazards that include injuries, animal attacks, and property damage. Each census usually sees thousands of claims filed, each one generating days of paperwork that is then passed to three internal offices at the Census Bureau for further review. The filing and completion of a claim, then, is typically hindered by multiple issues within that process. The implementation of EMMA has the potential to solve many of the problems that employees experience both in the field and at the Census Bureau as well as enhance software security, device legitimacy, and data validity through the use of blockchain via UCID.

"EMMA has unique capabilities that will transform the 2030 Census and create significant efficiencies for thousands of government employees," says Thomas Carter, TNS' Founder and CEO. "It provides an intelligent interface for mobile devices, capable of understanding natural language and processing images to assess damage. It then completes and distributes reports automatically to the correct departments. This is all accomplished in minutes, a huge improvement on past workflows. Beyond this, TNS' blockchain-powered UCID provides the security layer by verifying the device, software, and source of data."

EMMA, TNS states, ultimately eliminates five legacy systems and other manual processes that made the filing of claims excessively time and labor-intensive. Once data from the field is received, Census Bureau employees will be able to analyze it and understand the reasons for the reporting. The goal is for EMMA's data to pave the way for safer censuses and for field staff to be better prepared for what they might encounter.

"EMMA represents a remarkable opportunity for other government and enterprise applications," says Carter. "With its successful implementation during the 2030 Census, it will demonstrate the huge market for blockchain technology in B2G solutions. We are only just starting to see the power of what blockchain will do, and TNS is thrilled to be at the forefront."

Total Network Services (TNS) was founded by entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist Thomas Carter. TNS is the developer of blockchain-focused products and services that are designed to empower its customers to transition to and integrate with the blockchain economy.

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